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DescriptionSTACMEC, particularly skilled company in sugar beet harvesting machines production and sale, was born in 2000 after 25 years of the owners’ experience. Keeping the original mark of an artisan enterprise and bases its know-how on first choice material, fast planning and high quality standards of production due to carefully selected suppliers and to innovative software and equipment. Every year the products are improved and their main characteristic is simplicity, few adjustments allow the best performance on any terrain. Browsing through our website - www.stacmec.com – and our videos from our channel on YouTube, you can see all our products, while with a direct contact by phone, we will be able to respond to your needs thanks to customized solutions.
Organization Type Company
Phone+39 0376 56121
CityBondanello di Moglia (Mantova), Via delle rose, 3 Google map
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Agriculture machinery and equipment

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    Sugar beet harvest machinery

    We're looking for new customers interested in sugar beet harvest machinery. Our products mainly consists in: defoliating machine, sugar beet digger, combined machines, self loading wagon.