Igor Maccanti


Bilateral Meetings

  • (1:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m.)
DescriptionWe produce fruit trees since 1958 and since 1979 we operate in the basin of the Valleys of Mezzano, Ferrara, excellent area for the production of fruit plants and nursery area protected from Erwinia amylovora. Since 1991 we produce only material "virus free" and only pear and apple plants. The Maccanti Vivai, with the assistance of experienced technicians in the fruit sector, guarantees customers the necessary technical support to the creation of a modern and profitable orchard.
Organization Type Company
CityOstellato (FE), Via Imola 35/A Google map
Areas of Activities

Food and drink Producers and Traders


    Producers and wholesalers

    In search of medium to large fruit producers with whom we would establish a direct sales relationship