Dennis Mi

Sales Manager
Hebei Kingoal Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Bilateral Meetings

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DescriptionHEBEI KINGOAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD.(HKMC) who is one of the leading suppliers in China for grain flour milling machines. HKMC has integrated scientific research & development, design, production and sales into its system and becomes the one-stop supplier for grain flour milling machines. Its main products include: Wheat flour machine, Maize flour milling machine, Grain cleaning Machine and Grain transport machine with more than 40 styles. It can also supply turn-key project for the 10TPD~500TPD wheat flour milling machine line as well as all kinds of maize flour processing line. From design, equipment manufacture and installation to commissioning and commercial production,
Organization Type Company
Phone0086 311 80873781
CityShijiazhuang, Zhaiying Google map
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Agriculture machinery and equipment