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Bureau for Cooperation with the EU
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

Bilateral Meetings

  • (1:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m.)
DescriptionChamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is the largest independent nation-wide business association in Serbia with over 150 years of tradition. It is established by Law (OJ 65/2001, 36/2009, 99/2011) with a view of articulating and supporting common interests of the Serbian business community. Members of the CCIS are enterprises (over 100 000), sole traders and all other forms of business. The membership is divided into 15 sector-based associations and further on in around 200 subsector-based groups. Additionally, the members are also active through number of boards (i.e. environment, SME, technological innovations). The main Chamber activities involve business interest representations vis-à-vis public authorities, articulation of common interests in diverse business community, providing expert support to companies, nurturing good business customs and practices and offering alternative dispute settlement mechanisms, rendering powers conferred by the State, etc.
Organization Type Chamber,
Organization Size250+
Phone00 381 11 33 00 928
CityBelgrade11000, Resavska 13-15 Google map
Areas of Activities

Food and drink Producers and Traders


    Internationalization of Serbian companies

    Looking for Business opportunity abroad for Serbian companies